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A Positive Breastfeeding Story


Man, I have missed these moments with you guys!  My husband and I recently moved to St. George and we have been busy!  I’m jumping back on the horse and want to share a bit about whats going on in our lives…

This little lady turned 1!


HURRAYYY!!!  Its crazy how fast they grow!

With her birthday came the knowledge that not only has she grown, her little belly has matured and is “ready” for other types of milk.  There is so much controversy attached to breastfeeding.  If… When… Were… How… For how long… There is so much opinion.  And surprisingly so much negativity.  I’m going to go ahead and sidestep that and just tell you my experience.  Everyone’s is different.  I hope in that regard I’ll be able to shed some light and hope to you mom’s wanting to breastfeed.

I wanted to nurse Aven.  I had no idea what that entailed, but I wanted it nonetheless.  I remember when I was pregnant I would tell my sister-in-law, “I keep having dreams that I’m nursing this baby!”  I didn’t know if my milk was coming in early or what, but toward the end of my pregnancy I longed for it… and that is how I imagined her with me.

At one of my baby showers I heard some HORROR stories of breastfeeding and how bad it hurt (You’ve heard the stories).  And I remember thinking ‘Whatever guys, I’m gonna love it!”  Haha.  Yes, maybe that was naive.   Yes, maybe that is just the warrior in me who is motivated by resistance, but I genuinely felt that way and didn’t want anyone’s opinion changing how I felt inside about it!

Fast forward to Aven’s birth… That gorgeous girl was born and shortly after delivery I was so excited to FINALLY get to nurse my new baby.  The lactation consultant came in to help.  As she started to explain the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of nursing, mid-way through her sentence explaining that “sometimes it takes a baby and mom time to…”  Aven latched on… without help…  We both smiled and she laughed and said “Okay!  looks like you both know what to do!”  and she left!  And I enjoyed the next 45 minutes of bonding time alone with my baby.  It was amazing.  And I LOVED feeding her.

That being said there were some hard months and some tender days to follow.  I never met with a lactation consultant after that, and wish that I would have.  I know Aven wasn’t eating right because it took her about 45 min every time she ate and the pain and discomfort didn’t ease up.  I grit my teeth and held on hoping it would get better until my sister convinced me to buy one of these bad boys.

nipple shield

This shield was a gift from the good God above and changed the way Aven ate.  Again, there is controversy about these too.  They say you shouldn’t use them consistently and without a lactation consultants supervision, but my style is to just try it myself and figure it out.  These shields stick right to you and they provide a barrier for feeding so that it isn’t as painful, as well as help your baby to learn to latch correctly.

So I used it.  Religiously.  For a good solid couple months.  I let my poor overworked ladies heal.  I would try occasionally to go without and if I did for too many feedings the pain would creep up.  So I waited and I was patient… Until one day it just clicked for us.  We figured it out.  And I could tell she was eating differently.  And I never used it again.  She was probably about 3 months old by then.  (Don’t worry the thing is encased in a golden box in our safe for the next child!)

Breastfeeding since that day has been some of my sweetest most tender moments with her.  She is so sweet and loving and I am not kidding when I say this… as she ate she would reach around my back and rub my back!  Haha.  I can’t even explain the comfort it gave me to know that while she was sick she was being filled with all of the antibodies in breast milk and I know she was kept safe from a lot of the germs rolling around in the family because of it.  There is more info out there as to the benefits of breast milk… and so many more reasons I chose this route for her…

For more info helping you decide what method of feeding is right for you, I like this article.

For more info on benefits of breast milk I like this article too.

Thanks for letting me share my story!

Any moms out there that believe you will love to nurse,  you will!  If you want to keep going and it’s hard, there are some options.. don’t be stubborn like me, get help!  Or… be stubborn like me and buy a nipple shield! Haha.  Thanks again!


As to why we chose to wean and what your options are after you graduate from mom’s milk or formula come back for future posts!