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Babies, Babies, Babies!!


I am so excited for my little babies in the making!

First of all, since the hubs and I love to move around, I’m excited to for a more permanent name change.

Welcome, Natural Babies World!!

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Second baby in the making is the little munchkin in my belly!

We’re 20ish weeks and this is the only bump pic I’ve got.

final (1 of 1)

(I promise you I’m bigger than that now. I’m surprised how slack I’ve gotten with my second preg.  Hopefully I’ll get another photo in before baby is here…)

Also, we’re planning a water birth at the gorgeous Selah Midwifery Center in Rigby, Idaho, and we are dying with excitement over it!!!

If any of you are considering something other than a hospital birth, there is no harm in touring your local birth center.  My husband and I couldn’t believe how safe and comfortable we felt there.

My favorite part about a more natural approach to childbirth is that our midwife, on our first visit, spent over an hour with us just chatting about life.  She not only addressed our medical needs, but spent time talking about my daily stresses, and how I’m doing emotionally and spiritually.  She spent a detailed amount of time talking about what foods are best for my baby and what I can do to stay active during pregnancy.  For those who know me, that means everything to me.  I spend the majority of my spare time thinking about how I can be healthier and how I can keep my babies healthy in this crazy country of ours.

One last exciting thing on it’s way… a promised post about how I potty trained my 17 month old in just a few days!  That should be up this week!

XOXO, Heather.