Parx’s Story

Parx’s Story

I’m finally sitting down to write out Parx’s birth story!!

For those of you who know me, know that Parx was late… like rip your hair out late.  Literally this is me at 42 weeks… ripping my hair out waiting!  Little did I know he’d be almost another full week after this.  Yes I said it ladies, Parx came 1 day short of 43 weeks and I didn’t know a person could live through such a trial. hahaha

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A little background on that… So this was my second baby and we had just moved back to Idaho when we found out I was preggo… I had a fairly lax view towards pregnancy, and I really wanted to find the perfect place for me to deliver.  I knew I wanted a midwife this time around and I was fairly positive I wanted to be out of the hospital.  So I took a while to decide on a caregiver.  We finally decided on delivering at Selah Midwifery Center in Rigby.  By the time we met with them (I think I was around 14-16 weeks) It made no sense to get an ultrasound until my 20 week apt.  Missing that first ultrasound makes it a little more tough to figure a “due date” which is an estimate anyway.  We were fairly certain my EDD was March 19th and baby measured within a week of that date throughout my preg.  (some weeks a week big, most  weeks a bit small… variances are normal)

Also, those who know me, know that I was SURE I was going to deliver a couple weeks early!  LOLI have a ton of Braxton Hicks with my pregnancies, and my poor husband for a solid month and a half got to hear my “Honey, this is it!!  I think I’m in labor!  We’ll be having this baby tonight.  Are you ready!??”.  Then as the sun came up, having no signs of any contractions for miles I’d say “Sorry, false alarm.  I bet I still have awhile.” …  EVERY NIGHT YOU GUYS!!!  I did that to him every night for a month and a half.  We didn’t go anywhere.  Finally around my due date we decided to go camping to “get our mind off of it”.  Except we camped nearby our birth center and we brought every baby/labor thing with us!  haha.  We could barely fit our camping gear in our car because of my birth ball, cameras, extra car seat, etc.   I think it was unspoken that we both believed we weren’t going home until this baby had come.  We went home.  My mom came up from Utah the next week because we were certain it’d be 1-2 more days. She stayed 4 and WENT HOME! hahaha.  My sister-in-law who was due a week after me had already had her baby and I swear the thing was walking and talking by this time!  I began telling people I wasn’t actually pregnant! (and I almost believed it!)

My Midwife was so wonderful.  All jokes aside she and I both knew that baby was okay.  They kept a close eye on me, and because baby measured small for my only ultrasound and for the latter part of my pregnancy there was another possible due date of being March 26th.  Everything in me told me that our son wasn’t ready.  I knew he wasn’t.  At this point reaching what we thought might be 42 weeks, I had the option to go to the hospital for a planned induction, or to have faith that the baby would come when he was ready and to go by our other due date.  I chose the latter.  I knew inside he was healthy and just needed more time in there.  I began to tell everyone we were wrong on the due dates and I relaxed knowing I had another week.

I’m a deeply spiritual person and throughout the beginning of pregnancy I prayed to know if I was making the right decision to have this baby out of the hospital.  My answer always came with this one line “You will know.  At the end of your pregnancy you will know without a doubt that you are in the right place.”   I thought that meant that something would happen and I’d be in the hospital and be thankful… I was wrong.  I KNEW in the end that no one else would have supported me the way my wonderful midwife and her team of amazing girls did.  They respected every decision.  They gave me faith.  They gave me CHOICES.  They trusted me, and although it was unspoken I feel they trusted in God.  They understood that every baby is ready in his/her own time.  They knew it was fine, and it WAS fine.

My husband and I went camping one last time.  The last night we were there I began feeling very anxious to get home.  We were 2 hrs away from our birth center and It was getting late.  I wanted to go home in the worst way.  We got home and I slept…  Its a good thing because that next morning, on April 6, real contractions started up.  For the final time I knew.  I lost my mucous and had show.  I didn’t want to wake anyone so I went downstairs and sat on the couch meditating as the sun rose.  I kept my peace and allowed my endorphins to continue flowing.  I thanked my body and my baby for all they had had been doing.  This was a very sacred time for me.  A few hours later I called my midwife and my mom.  I had an appointment that day anyway.  It was my last appointment before they sent me to the hospital to be induced (Haleluja!).  They checked us both and baby was handling contractions well and I was still in early labor.  They let us do what we wanted.  My mom came up and we all played in Idaho Falls for the day.  We went and got mexican food, did a few errands and went to the mall.  Contractions stayed consistant and grew with such a gentle pace all day.  Around this time at the mall I had a hard time walking through them.  I would stop and sway and breathe.  My eyes would close shut and I felt myself needing to ‘go within’ to be with each surge.  I told my mom and husband we had better go.  We got to the Birth Center around 5 and settled in.  Contractions slowed.  My mom left to buy treats and give us some alone time.  Travis and I decided to take a walk outside to keep them coming on strong.  This was one of my favorite parts of the day.  It was breezy outside and we bundled up.  We played a game of categories while we walked and both of us were laughing so hard at the ridiculous things we were coming up with.  I loved walking hand in hand with him, big bellied and laughing.  I’ll never forget that.

We came inside and I felt like it might still be awhile.  We watched an episode of Friends and tried to play a card game.  Things picked up fairly quickly after that.  I made it through one round of nertz and wanted to be alone.  I went in the birth room and in a hands and knees position, layed with my chest on a birth ball.  Travis sat behind me doing counter pressure and I never wanted to move.  Besides my midwife checking me and baby, I spent probably 3 hrs in this position.

Around 10:30 we had the feeling it was time to check my cervix. This was my first cervix check and I was at a 6!  Knowing my body, and how things went last time, I was just a few min away from transition and I got so excited!!   As she walked out I felt the adrenaline rush that comes with completion and my whole body bean to shake.  I kept saying over and over “I’m having so much fun!!”  I was laughing and clapping my hands and smiling so big.  I was just so proud of myself!  They called the rest of the midwife team and began to fill the birthing tub.  I carried out the remainder of my contractions and doppler checks standing up and swaying from side to side I felt STRONG and POWERFUL as I stood and swayed and let out my low and deep birthing sounds.  Travis pressed on my back and hips through each surge and my mom played with my hair.  I bet it was around 11:20 by the time everyone got there and we were ready for me to climb in the tub.

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I chose the red birth room in the birth center.  It has red walls and this gorgeous tub that you walk up a few stairs to climb in.   The tub is on higher ground and is surrounded by these beautifully lit candles.  As silly as this might sound, I chose this room it because it made me feel powerful and strong.  I felt like a goddess walking up those stairs and climbing in the tub.  I felt as if this was my throne where I was going to join hands with God to bring this baby to earth.  I felt strong and healthy.  I cannot say that enough.  I felt like I could take on the world and I knew our boy would be here soon.

Labor slowed for a moment as my body and baby got used to the new sensation of the water.  I got comfortable.  I relaxed and continued to breathe.  It grew again.  After a few long and strong contractions, I started to feel him move further and more quickly down the birth canal.  Like labor does at some point, the sensations began to consume me.  My happy giggles turned to grunting and heavy breathing.  My “I’m having so much fun” turned into “I can’t do this”.  As the baby crowned, my body remembered the last time.  I felt the taughtness of my scars and felt inside as if my body would have to explode in order for him to move past my previous wounds.  It terrified me.  More than I remember being terrified before.

My midwife’s assistant Dani brought me back with soothing words.  “You can do this” she said.  Travis literally held me up in his arms, and she helped me to slow my breaths.  They brought me back to earth.

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It took longer this time.  Baby’s head moving out maybe an inch or two with each surge.  I wanted to be on my knees so that I could help him out on my own.  I held him.  Trying to stay on top of my emotions.  Trying to be brave.  It felt like an eternity to get that head out.  When it did baby and I had a huge sigh of relief.  Although they were keeping their monitor on his heart rate, I felt as if I could personally tell them that baby was ok.  And I beleve I did…  He was okay and I knew it.

Just a couple more contractions and his boddy wriggled out of me.  His daddy caught him from behind and we maneuvered ourselves to get him on my chest so that we could let our emotions out and meet eachother.  He came out healthy and strong and crying and beautiful!!!!  He had so much hair!  He looked so much like his sister Avenlei we could hardly believe it!!  We had a little boy!!!  All three of us just sat there embracing taking in that moment.  He was so wide eyed and looking at both of us.  There is nothing in the world like those first few moments.  Daddy held him while I got showered off and climbed in bed.  I remember being in shock!  It took me awhile to realize everything that just happened.  I was saying very silly things.  I kept saying “That was so hard!”  and making fun of myself for telling them earlier that I was having fun.  We laughed.  They were so validating and comforting saying “Yes it was hard and you did it.”  They got me food and water, I nursed baby and they took such good care of me.  We all were able to sit there together on the bed taking him all in while they did his measurements and new baby checks.  Daddy weighed him. Everything was so relaxed and peaceful, so different from our hospital experience.  We were involved with every part of them taking care of him.  He was finally here!

Parx Rowland Falter was born April 7, 2015 at 12:09 am.  He weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 inches long.

Welcome to earth our boy.  Angels accompanied you here.

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How I potty trained my 17 month old in 5 days!!!


Warning: We talk about going potty in this post!!

Let me start by saying that potty training for us was almost accidental.  I didn’t know that I started potty training early, but I did, and I’m going to do it again!! Because by the time my daughter reached 17 mo. she was asking me if she could go potty!  She was fully trained in 5 days and this is how…

Every mom knows that privacy in the bathroom is a daydream after having babies.  It just is.  My first time having to pee in a grocery store while shopping with Aven was so awkward.  I thought “Oh crap, what do I do?!  I can’t leave her in the cart.  I can’t fit me and the cart in a stall. The handicapped stall isn’t open, and I have to GO NOW!” I grabbed my overstuffed diaper bag, my sleeping baby in her car seat and set the entire contraption on my lap in a mini stall.  I remember wondering how in the heck I’d properly wipe or pull my pants back up with this massive hunk of plastic and baby on my lap… Like every mom, I figured it out.  Little did I know this was only the beginning of our shared potty breaks.

I figured if this was how it was going to be I better take advantage of it.  As awkward as it is, I told her what was going on…  Around age 1 we started to gasp at the sounds and giggle.  I told her which # was which,  I told her about all the steps, what to do and when.  How to wipe…. all that good stuff.  I just told her about it without realizing, mostly I was just thinking out loud, like “Now we wash our hands” and I tried to make it exciting to keep her busy.

The older she got, and the more I realized she was getting it, the more I played it up.  Very excitedly I would gasp and say “AVEN!  Mommy has to go potty!!  Run, run!”  And we both would run to the potty.  She would see what was happening and say “Wow, wow!”  I showed her how to flush and we would tell the mess “Bye, bye”  Haha.  Not kidding.  All this was months before I ever asked her to go.  In fact, I never asked her to go.

She asked me around 15/16 months and I wasn’t ready!  So for a long time she took her potty turn, by me just holding her over the toilet with her pants still on.  We would both make the sounds and I would cheer and tell her good job!  She started playing with her toys pretending they had to go potty too.  As I watched her I knew she actually knew the potty concept.

What set the real training in motion was have her around other kids that were potty trained.  Her cousins aren’t shy and when she saw that they knew how to ‘do their business’ too, she was set on doing it herself.  I guess there is strength in numbers and other kids are always cooler than mommy.

So we took a trip to the store and bought her a potty and potty books.  I picked a few days that were slow for us and tried to make sure we were alone most of that time.  I then followed the ‘3 day method’ I read about here.  We followed it almost to a “T”.  (my goal was 3 days, but we had cousins around for a couple of the days and it slowed things down a bit.  I’m telling you, one-on-one time makes this process easier.)

For those of you who haven’t heard of the 3 day method, I’ll sum it up.

For a solid 3 days you stay in the same room together and you bring the potty wherever you are.  Most of the time is spent ‘nakey’ on the lower half… unless you have enough underpants to fill the moon!  And you do lots of activities on the toilet.  We colored on the toilet, played the piano on the toilet… you get the picture… lots of toilet time. And lots of accidental pee making it in the toilet because that is where she was sitting!  That was super fun for both of us!  I think it helped her feel good at it right off the bat.  We watched as many youtube videos as I could possibly stand of potty training cartoons.  We sang all the songs, read potty books and drank lots of water.

Day 1 is usually mostly spent having accidents.  Its really really REALLY important that you celebrate every bowel movement no matter where it ends up.  Moms, this is the hard part, but the only way to build their confidence.  When they “go”, CELEBRATE.  No matter where it ends up, be happy! 🙂 This day they are just learning what it feels like to have the “feeling” and what happens when it runs down their legs!  Remember they have had a diaper absorbing it, making it pretty hard to tell when they’re actually going.  Today is all about feeling whats happening. You’ll notice them start to go and looking down at it, not knowing what to do! Tell them good job, explain the feeling they get, and show them where it goes.  Let them help you clean up if they want to (my daughter loves to help us clean), and give lots and lots of love so that they don’t give up.

Day 2 gets better.  I’d say about 40-50% might make it into the toilet.  We tried wearing underpants this day and it was a long day.  Lots of accidents and the occasional making it where we needed it to be, and huge celebration.  I chose to reward with stickers on a sticker chart we made together.  Some mom’s do treats, we did stickers…

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Day 3 is the day they say should be just about 100% in the toilet.  We took a few more days, because play time with cousins was much too exciting! But honestly by day 5 the potty was staying in the bathroom and we were making it there every time.  She was fully clothed and we may have even run errands that day without a problem!!  The best day ever is finally getting out of the house with underpants on and making it home dry!  We still bring extra pants and undies with us when we go places for our own peace of mind, but the girl rarely has accidents.  If she does we practice saying “MOMMY! POTTY!” as we clean up, trying to keep the entire potty situation a positive thing for her. She is so proud of herself and so stinkin’ cute on her new potty!

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It was a long hard week, but soooo much easier than taking months to get it down.  And that was my very long and belated post on how we potty trained in 5 days!  Good luck moms… You can do it 😉

Babies, Babies, Babies!!


I am so excited for my little babies in the making!

First of all, since the hubs and I love to move around, I’m excited to for a more permanent name change.

Welcome, Natural Babies World!!

And if you aren’t currently connected, follow me on fb, insta and pinterest.

Second baby in the making is the little munchkin in my belly!

We’re 20ish weeks and this is the only bump pic I’ve got.

final (1 of 1)

(I promise you I’m bigger than that now. I’m surprised how slack I’ve gotten with my second preg.  Hopefully I’ll get another photo in before baby is here…)

Also, we’re planning a water birth at the gorgeous Selah Midwifery Center in Rigby, Idaho, and we are dying with excitement over it!!!

If any of you are considering something other than a hospital birth, there is no harm in touring your local birth center.  My husband and I couldn’t believe how safe and comfortable we felt there.

My favorite part about a more natural approach to childbirth is that our midwife, on our first visit, spent over an hour with us just chatting about life.  She not only addressed our medical needs, but spent time talking about my daily stresses, and how I’m doing emotionally and spiritually.  She spent a detailed amount of time talking about what foods are best for my baby and what I can do to stay active during pregnancy.  For those who know me, that means everything to me.  I spend the majority of my spare time thinking about how I can be healthier and how I can keep my babies healthy in this crazy country of ours.

One last exciting thing on it’s way… a promised post about how I potty trained my 17 month old in just a few days!  That should be up this week!

XOXO, Heather.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hypnosis For Childbirth




NOTHING like it!  You’re in control of yourself.  It is so different I wish that it was called something else!  Theraputic Hypnosis is just a way of relaxing your mind and body deeply and then learning to think differently.  Hypnobirthing specifically is just reprogramming your brain to not be afraid of birth.  That is it!  There is nothing “Voodoo” about it.  And although it is simple, it’s effects can be very powerful.


When I began studying Hypnobirthing I imagined that I would be in this sleeping trance, and that I would be awakened to my brand new baby in my arms, having felt nothing! That isn’t quite the case (sorry moms!).  I believe it’s much better than that…  You’re awake. You’re alert.  You feel.  You can be walking around, talking and having normal conversation.  You’re even more involved than you would be without it, but because you’ve trained your mind and body to relax and not fear what you’re feeling,  it doesn’t have to hurt and can even feel good (gasp!).  Which leads me to #3…


babyIt is possible to have a painless NATURAL birth!  Although not always the case, and not necessarily the goal, nor is it promised…  Some moms experience a birth they would describe as painless.  Pressure, maybe, but pain?  No.  Don’t believe it?  It’s because of the way childbirth is portrayed in the media… This mother’s story is an incredible example…  Or this mother’s…  and this video is gorgeous… Mine personally wasn’t “painless” in the way I perceive pain… but it did work and it was bearable and it was waaaaay better than it would have been if I were scared and tense.  (the majority of my labor was in the “hurts so good” pain that you stay in during a deep tissue massage or a good workout.)  Regardless of exactly how it feels to you, relaxing through labor will always be better, and a quicker way for you to meet your baby.


I didn’t understand this fully because of the random people that go on stage that have never been “hypnotized” and pull off a hysterical show!  I thought that just like that I could go deep into my relaxation on the spot.  The old saying “you get what you put into it” is true in the case of this hypnosis. You get better at it each time.  It is a state of deep relaxation and some of us don’t relax easily.  You will need to train your mind to go deeper into relaxation when distractions are present.  This is especially important if you are birthing in a hospital or if you have a lot of people around.  Practice. Practice.  Practice!


This one is important.  All moms have fear!  Many have just as much fear when they receive an Epidural or go into have their Caesarian.  Catecholamines are the bodies “fight or flight” hormones.  These send you into a state of panic, fear and “shutting down”.  Oxytocin on the other hand, is the bodies natural love hormone that bonds mother and baby.  When a mother goes into labor her body is flooded with this hormone in waves, which is what contracts her uterus.  Between surges a mother’s brain releases Endorphins which is the “feel good” hormone.  During labor with each surge of Oxytocin (and contraction) there is a rippling alternate surge of Endorphins (the feel good hormone.  This is why many mothers get the chills between each surge.)  Our body is hard at work preparing us to meet and fall in love with our baby.  And every hormone we release is shared with our baby.  Mothers with an epidural or Ceasarian can use hypnosis to release these hormones herself in her brain to stay connected when so much of her feels disconnected.  It is just as important if not more important for a mother to consider Hypnosis and a HypnoDoula (wink 😉 ) if she is choosing to opt out of the “natural bandwagon”!


HypnobirthingFor more info on Hypnobirthing Classes in Utah contact Lauralyn Curtis here.  (She is amazing!)

Lauralyn also just completed a new hypnosis track available here.

And here is the Hypnobirthing, Mongan Method book that I read throughout my pregnancy.

And if you’re looking for a HypnoDoula, I’m here!  haha.

Please share this with anyone you know who might be interested in having a fearless labor and delivery!





A Positive Breastfeeding Story


Man, I have missed these moments with you guys!  My husband and I recently moved to St. George and we have been busy!  I’m jumping back on the horse and want to share a bit about whats going on in our lives…

This little lady turned 1!


HURRAYYY!!!  Its crazy how fast they grow!

With her birthday came the knowledge that not only has she grown, her little belly has matured and is “ready” for other types of milk.  There is so much controversy attached to breastfeeding.  If… When… Were… How… For how long… There is so much opinion.  And surprisingly so much negativity.  I’m going to go ahead and sidestep that and just tell you my experience.  Everyone’s is different.  I hope in that regard I’ll be able to shed some light and hope to you mom’s wanting to breastfeed.

I wanted to nurse Aven.  I had no idea what that entailed, but I wanted it nonetheless.  I remember when I was pregnant I would tell my sister-in-law, “I keep having dreams that I’m nursing this baby!”  I didn’t know if my milk was coming in early or what, but toward the end of my pregnancy I longed for it… and that is how I imagined her with me.

At one of my baby showers I heard some HORROR stories of breastfeeding and how bad it hurt (You’ve heard the stories).  And I remember thinking ‘Whatever guys, I’m gonna love it!”  Haha.  Yes, maybe that was naive.   Yes, maybe that is just the warrior in me who is motivated by resistance, but I genuinely felt that way and didn’t want anyone’s opinion changing how I felt inside about it!

Fast forward to Aven’s birth… That gorgeous girl was born and shortly after delivery I was so excited to FINALLY get to nurse my new baby.  The lactation consultant came in to help.  As she started to explain the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of nursing, mid-way through her sentence explaining that “sometimes it takes a baby and mom time to…”  Aven latched on… without help…  We both smiled and she laughed and said “Okay!  looks like you both know what to do!”  and she left!  And I enjoyed the next 45 minutes of bonding time alone with my baby.  It was amazing.  And I LOVED feeding her.

That being said there were some hard months and some tender days to follow.  I never met with a lactation consultant after that, and wish that I would have.  I know Aven wasn’t eating right because it took her about 45 min every time she ate and the pain and discomfort didn’t ease up.  I grit my teeth and held on hoping it would get better until my sister convinced me to buy one of these bad boys.

nipple shield

This shield was a gift from the good God above and changed the way Aven ate.  Again, there is controversy about these too.  They say you shouldn’t use them consistently and without a lactation consultants supervision, but my style is to just try it myself and figure it out.  These shields stick right to you and they provide a barrier for feeding so that it isn’t as painful, as well as help your baby to learn to latch correctly.

So I used it.  Religiously.  For a good solid couple months.  I let my poor overworked ladies heal.  I would try occasionally to go without and if I did for too many feedings the pain would creep up.  So I waited and I was patient… Until one day it just clicked for us.  We figured it out.  And I could tell she was eating differently.  And I never used it again.  She was probably about 3 months old by then.  (Don’t worry the thing is encased in a golden box in our safe for the next child!)

Breastfeeding since that day has been some of my sweetest most tender moments with her.  She is so sweet and loving and I am not kidding when I say this… as she ate she would reach around my back and rub my back!  Haha.  I can’t even explain the comfort it gave me to know that while she was sick she was being filled with all of the antibodies in breast milk and I know she was kept safe from a lot of the germs rolling around in the family because of it.  There is more info out there as to the benefits of breast milk… and so many more reasons I chose this route for her…

For more info helping you decide what method of feeding is right for you, I like this article.

For more info on benefits of breast milk I like this article too.

Thanks for letting me share my story!

Any moms out there that believe you will love to nurse,  you will!  If you want to keep going and it’s hard, there are some options.. don’t be stubborn like me, get help!  Or… be stubborn like me and buy a nipple shield! Haha.  Thanks again!


As to why we chose to wean and what your options are after you graduate from mom’s milk or formula come back for future posts!



Sleep Breathing


All of you mamas know that sometimes pregnancy can take the breath right out of you!  Even the tiniest activities can leave us winded somehow!  With oxygen being the most important fuel for your body and especially the muscles that make up your baby’s little home, its important to be getting a lot of it.  Beyond that, your baby needs a sufficient, continual supply of oxygen to grow properly.  What you might not know is that focused breathing regulates your blood pressure, heart rate, circulation, digestion and many other bodily functions…  Pretty impressive right!?

breatheSo today I’m going to teach you Hypnobirthing’s sleep breathing technique because it is the one that you should be using the most throughout your pregnancy.  This technique is used anytime you want to get yourself into a deep relaxation.  I did this every night as I tried to fall asleep, but you don’t have to wait until then.  Anytime during the day if you have ten min try it and enjoy its amazing ability to calm your body.  You can’t feel bad about giving your little baby an oxygen boost 🙂

(It can help the first few times if someone reads this to you, until you’ve got the little details down.  I’ll quote the book directly…)

“Just relax and settle into the comfort of the chair or sofa beneath you and let the pillows behind you support your head and neck…  Let your eyelids gently meet without forcing them shut.  Your mouth should be softly closed with your lips touching lightly.  Place the tip of your tongue at your palate where your teeth and your palate meet and feel the wonderful sense of relaxation drift through your body.

Draw in a breath from your stomach.  To a count of four, mentally recite ‘In-2-3-4’ on the intake.  Feel your stomach rise as you draw the breath up and into the back of your throat.

As you exhale, mentally recite ‘out-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.’  Do not exhale through your mouth.  As you breathe out very slowly through your nose, direct the energy of the breath down and inward toward the back of your throat, allowing your shoulders to droop into the frame of your body.  Breathe your body down into relaxation.  Release all tension and let go.

To determine if you are doing this exercise correctly, place your left hand on your stomach and your right hand on the lower part of you chest.  As you inhale, you should feel your left hand rising as though your stomach were inflating like a balloon.  As you exhale, you will feel your hands fold into each other, as your chest and stomach create a crevice.

breathingSleep breathing is easy to master… You will feel relaxation coming more easily and rapidly each time you do it.  When you have mastered the concept it will not be necessary for you to recite numbers or test with your hands to guide yourself into this state.  After only a few times, you will be able to bring your body into a deep state of relaxation.”

If anyone wants to take these steps further, this is when you would lie/sit there and imagine only good things.  Recite positive affirmations about your labor and delivery, and spend time letting that baby feel your love.

   Now stop what you are doing and go breathe!

“Yes, You CAN Birth A Breech Baby Naturally! ~ Katianne’s Birth Story

“Yes, You CAN Birth A Breech Baby Naturally! ~ Katianne’s Birth Story

Such an inspirational story!! I’ve never read another birth story like this one!

Birth Beyond Borders

This mama proves that you CAN indeed birth a breech baby vaginally and without pain medications despite what many doctors and medical professionals will have you believe! Not only is this possible, but it’s also safe and her story proves just that! What a strong and awesome mama!

Katianne and her beautiful daughters, Katherine and Olivia after her successfully natural breech birth. Katianne and her beautiful daughters, Katherine and Olivia after her successfully natural breech birth.

“My labor actually started 3 weeks prior to the arrival to my daughter. At 37 weeks, I started getting real labor contractions that would be steady and consistent for hours, but would go away by the time I went to sleep. The next morning, I would feel like a train hit me. I was starting to get worn down and was approaching my induction date. On the eve of February 16, I started up contractions again, but they were 12-13 minutes apart, and were dwindling even further apart…

View original post 852 more words