I have been a practicing massage therapist for the last 8.5 years.  I am excited and proud to announce I now specialize in prenatal/postnatal in-home massage.

Massage Therapy Services:

60 minute full body Swedish Massage *$75

90 minute full body Swedish Massage *$105

Hypnobirthing deep relaxation Massage and hypnosis walk-through coming soon!

*price increased for more than 30 miles driving distance

Each massage is tailored and unique to your body at that moment.  I am very sensitive to what is going on with your emotions and muscles, and I adjust each massage accordingly.   I use an organic, unscented grape seed oil that is perfect for sensitive skin and a pregnant woman’s delicate senses.   I come prepared with a portable massage table, linens, and calming music and pillows for your comfort.  I use the side-lying position for pregnant moms and it is heavenly!

Please provide a quiet space.  Also, do not feel the need to clean your house to invite me in!  I come as I am, ready to provide you the relief you so desperately need without having to put yourself together and leave the house.  This is your time to relax, take a deep breath and have time to yourself.


Please contact me for more info 208-680-9175


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