I’m finally sitting down to write out Parx’s birth story!!

For those of you who know me, know that Parx was late… like rip your hair out late.  Literally this is me at 42 weeks… ripping my hair out waiting!  Little did I know he’d be almost another full week after this.  Yes I said it ladies, Parx came 1 day short of 43 weeks and I didn’t know a person could live through such a trial. hahaha

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A little background on that… So this was my second baby and we had just moved back to Idaho when we found out I was preggo… I had a fairly lax view towards pregnancy, and I really wanted to find the perfect place for me to deliver.  I knew I wanted a midwife this time around and I was fairly positive I wanted to be out of the hospital.  So I took a while to decide on a caregiver.  We finally decided on delivering at Selah Midwifery Center in Rigby.  By the time we met with them (I think I was around 14-16 weeks) It made no sense to get an ultrasound until my 20 week apt.  Missing that first ultrasound makes it a little more tough to figure a “due date” which is an estimate anyway.  We were fairly certain my EDD was March 19th and baby measured within a week of that date throughout my preg.  (some weeks a week big, most  weeks a bit small… variances are normal)

Also, those who know me, know that I was SURE I was going to deliver a couple weeks early!  LOLI have a ton of Braxton Hicks with my pregnancies, and my poor husband for a solid month and a half got to hear my “Honey, this is it!!  I think I’m in labor!  We’ll be having this baby tonight.  Are you ready!??”.  Then as the sun came up, having no signs of any contractions for miles I’d say “Sorry, false alarm.  I bet I still have awhile.” …  EVERY NIGHT YOU GUYS!!!  I did that to him every night for a month and a half.  We didn’t go anywhere.  Finally around my due date we decided to go camping to “get our mind off of it”.  Except we camped nearby our birth center and we brought every baby/labor thing with us!  haha.  We could barely fit our camping gear in our car because of my birth ball, cameras, extra car seat, etc.   I think it was unspoken that we both believed we weren’t going home until this baby had come.  We went home.  My mom came up from Utah the next week because we were certain it’d be 1-2 more days. She stayed 4 and WENT HOME! hahaha.  My sister-in-law who was due a week after me had already had her baby and I swear the thing was walking and talking by this time!  I began telling people I wasn’t actually pregnant! (and I almost believed it!)

My Midwife was so wonderful.  All jokes aside she and I both knew that baby was okay.  They kept a close eye on me, and because baby measured small for my only ultrasound and for the latter part of my pregnancy there was another possible due date of being March 26th.  Everything in me told me that our son wasn’t ready.  I knew he wasn’t.  At this point reaching what we thought might be 42 weeks, I had the option to go to the hospital for a planned induction, or to have faith that the baby would come when he was ready and to go by our other due date.  I chose the latter.  I knew inside he was healthy and just needed more time in there.  I began to tell everyone we were wrong on the due dates and I relaxed knowing I had another week.

I’m a deeply spiritual person and throughout the beginning of pregnancy I prayed to know if I was making the right decision to have this baby out of the hospital.  My answer always came with this one line “You will know.  At the end of your pregnancy you will know without a doubt that you are in the right place.”   I thought that meant that something would happen and I’d be in the hospital and be thankful… I was wrong.  I KNEW in the end that no one else would have supported me the way my wonderful midwife and her team of amazing girls did.  They respected every decision.  They gave me faith.  They gave me CHOICES.  They trusted me, and although it was unspoken I feel they trusted in God.  They understood that every baby is ready in his/her own time.  They knew it was fine, and it WAS fine.

My husband and I went camping one last time.  The last night we were there I began feeling very anxious to get home.  We were 2 hrs away from our birth center and It was getting late.  I wanted to go home in the worst way.  We got home and I slept…  Its a good thing because that next morning, on April 6, real contractions started up.  For the final time I knew.  I lost my mucous and had show.  I didn’t want to wake anyone so I went downstairs and sat on the couch meditating as the sun rose.  I kept my peace and allowed my endorphins to continue flowing.  I thanked my body and my baby for all they had had been doing.  This was a very sacred time for me.  A few hours later I called my midwife and my mom.  I had an appointment that day anyway.  It was my last appointment before they sent me to the hospital to be induced (Haleluja!).  They checked us both and baby was handling contractions well and I was still in early labor.  They let us do what we wanted.  My mom came up and we all played in Idaho Falls for the day.  We went and got mexican food, did a few errands and went to the mall.  Contractions stayed consistant and grew with such a gentle pace all day.  Around this time at the mall I had a hard time walking through them.  I would stop and sway and breathe.  My eyes would close shut and I felt myself needing to ‘go within’ to be with each surge.  I told my mom and husband we had better go.  We got to the Birth Center around 5 and settled in.  Contractions slowed.  My mom left to buy treats and give us some alone time.  Travis and I decided to take a walk outside to keep them coming on strong.  This was one of my favorite parts of the day.  It was breezy outside and we bundled up.  We played a game of categories while we walked and both of us were laughing so hard at the ridiculous things we were coming up with.  I loved walking hand in hand with him, big bellied and laughing.  I’ll never forget that.

We came inside and I felt like it might still be awhile.  We watched an episode of Friends and tried to play a card game.  Things picked up fairly quickly after that.  I made it through one round of nertz and wanted to be alone.  I went in the birth room and in a hands and knees position, layed with my chest on a birth ball.  Travis sat behind me doing counter pressure and I never wanted to move.  Besides my midwife checking me and baby, I spent probably 3 hrs in this position.

Around 10:30 we had the feeling it was time to check my cervix. This was my first cervix check and I was at a 6!  Knowing my body, and how things went last time, I was just a few min away from transition and I got so excited!!   As she walked out I felt the adrenaline rush that comes with completion and my whole body bean to shake.  I kept saying over and over “I’m having so much fun!!”  I was laughing and clapping my hands and smiling so big.  I was just so proud of myself!  They called the rest of the midwife team and began to fill the birthing tub.  I carried out the remainder of my contractions and doppler checks standing up and swaying from side to side I felt STRONG and POWERFUL as I stood and swayed and let out my low and deep birthing sounds.  Travis pressed on my back and hips through each surge and my mom played with my hair.  I bet it was around 11:20 by the time everyone got there and we were ready for me to climb in the tub.

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I chose the red birth room in the birth center.  It has red walls and this gorgeous tub that you walk up a few stairs to climb in.   The tub is on higher ground and is surrounded by these beautifully lit candles.  As silly as this might sound, I chose this room it because it made me feel powerful and strong.  I felt like a goddess walking up those stairs and climbing in the tub.  I felt as if this was my throne where I was going to join hands with God to bring this baby to earth.  I felt strong and healthy.  I cannot say that enough.  I felt like I could take on the world and I knew our boy would be here soon.

Labor slowed for a moment as my body and baby got used to the new sensation of the water.  I got comfortable.  I relaxed and continued to breathe.  It grew again.  After a few long and strong contractions, I started to feel him move further and more quickly down the birth canal.  Like labor does at some point, the sensations began to consume me.  My happy giggles turned to grunting and heavy breathing.  My “I’m having so much fun” turned into “I can’t do this”.  As the baby crowned, my body remembered the last time.  I felt the taughtness of my scars and felt inside as if my body would have to explode in order for him to move past my previous wounds.  It terrified me.  More than I remember being terrified before.

My midwife’s assistant Dani brought me back with soothing words.  “You can do this” she said.  Travis literally held me up in his arms, and she helped me to slow my breaths.  They brought me back to earth.

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It took longer this time.  Baby’s head moving out maybe an inch or two with each surge.  I wanted to be on my knees so that I could help him out on my own.  I held him.  Trying to stay on top of my emotions.  Trying to be brave.  It felt like an eternity to get that head out.  When it did baby and I had a huge sigh of relief.  Although they were keeping their monitor on his heart rate, I felt as if I could personally tell them that baby was ok.  And I beleve I did…  He was okay and I knew it.

Just a couple more contractions and his boddy wriggled out of me.  His daddy caught him from behind and we maneuvered ourselves to get him on my chest so that we could let our emotions out and meet eachother.  He came out healthy and strong and crying and beautiful!!!!  He had so much hair!  He looked so much like his sister Avenlei we could hardly believe it!!  We had a little boy!!!  All three of us just sat there embracing taking in that moment.  He was so wide eyed and looking at both of us.  There is nothing in the world like those first few moments.  Daddy held him while I got showered off and climbed in bed.  I remember being in shock!  It took me awhile to realize everything that just happened.  I was saying very silly things.  I kept saying “That was so hard!”  and making fun of myself for telling them earlier that I was having fun.  We laughed.  They were so validating and comforting saying “Yes it was hard and you did it.”  They got me food and water, I nursed baby and they took such good care of me.  We all were able to sit there together on the bed taking him all in while they did his measurements and new baby checks.  Daddy weighed him. Everything was so relaxed and peaceful, so different from our hospital experience.  We were involved with every part of them taking care of him.  He was finally here!

Parx Rowland Falter was born April 7, 2015 at 12:09 am.  He weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 inches long.

Welcome to earth our boy.  Angels accompanied you here.

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